Tags are a quick way to separate transactions within high level categories
A quick and easy example would be creating tags like #train #flight and #fuel for transactions under the category 'Transport'.

Once a tag has been set, you can track spending by tag by selecting the tag in the transaction or go to the Feed tab > Scroll down to the What Did I Spend section.

Adding Tags

There are scenarios where Emma might not be able to detect any tags. In this case, you can still add your own tags. To do this, follow these steps

Select the transaction you want to add a tag to
Select Add tags

Editing and Removing Tags

Emma automatically assigns custom tags to your transactions.

If you want to edit a tag, simply click on the pencil icon next to the tag to make changes.

To remove the tag, select the pencil icon, select the tag you want to delete, select backspace on your keyboard, select 'Next' and apply the change
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