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The difference between monthly and payday budgeting is when your budgets starts and how long it runs for.


Selecting Monthly will start your budgeting period on the 1st and end it on the last day of the month.

Choose this if you don't get paid on a regular basis.

Payday to Payday

Selecting Payday to Payday will sync your budget with when you get paid. Your budgeting period will start on the day you get paid and end on the day before your next pay.

The payday you select is only responsible for when your budget starts and ends. The amount you set your budget to is not related

Ideal for users where their payday is fixed or doesn't fluctuate much.

I have more than one payday

Remember, we only use your payday to set your budgeting period - not to set your total budget. Any income that you receive will be tracked by Emma, regardless of whether it's received on payday 💰💰

If you want your total budget to include income not received on your selected payday, amend your total budget by going to the Analytics tab -> Budgets -> Select Total Budget

You are not able to set a budget between two different paydays. For example, if you get paid both on the 5th and the 15th, you won't be able to set a budget between the 5th and the 15th and then a separate budget between the 15th to the 5th of the next month.
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