The authentication flow supported with Barclays uses the following credentials:

Last name ✅
Membership number ✅
Passcode ✅
Memorable word ✅

Unfortunately, we do not use Pinsentry, even just to generate a Passcode You will need to set a passcode and memorable word via your online banking and use these credentials to login. 😊

Where do I retrieve my membership number?

You will have received this number in the post from Barclays when you first signed up to Online Banking. If you don't remember this, you can easily retrieve it here:

Where can I set a passcode and memorable word?

These can be set up online, via the Barclays website. There is a link in personal details called "Change passcode and memorable word" that allows you to do this.

After you have set up your new passcode and memorable word, make sure you double check they work on the Barclays website first, before logging in to Emma.

What do I do if I still can't login?

If the form gives you wrong credentials, check all of the points above and try to login via the official Barclays website. If you can login via the Barclays website you should be able to login on Emma too, but if it doesn't work you may need to reset your login details.

If you have tried the above and are still unable to connect your Barclays account, feel free to reach out to us via support and we will help you out. 😊
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