Although Emma Pro is a subscription service, we offer a way to get this product for free.

The app has a referral program which will reward you based on how many users you invite to Emma.

Referral Program

This is how the referral program works:

Invite one friend - get a free month
Invite a second friend - get a second month
Invite 5 friends - get 6 months
Invite 9 friends - get 12 months
Invite 15 friends - get it FREE FOR LIFE

Where do I get my referral link?

You can get your link from the Emma Pro section or in Settings. When your friend signs up via your link and connects a bank account, this will count towards the number of people you have referred.

If you are currently subscribed to Emma Pro and are on iOS, you will need to cancel your current subscription first in order to enjoy your free Pro months. Once your current subscription ends, you'll smoothly transition to the Pro months you've been rewarded with. Android users will get a deferred billing, so no need to do anything.
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