Your account balance is independent of your transactions
Your account balance not looking right? Follow the steps below to solve it 👇

1. Manually sync your accounts

If you're in the UK, the first step is to manually sync all your accounts. Do this by selecting the refresh icon in the top right-hand corner of your Accounts tab 🔄

If you're in the US & Canada, your accounts will sync automatically in the background.

2. Check your accounts are still syncing

If you try manually syncing your accounts or Emma's automatic sync is not updating the balance, there may be something wrong with the connection to your bank.

If Emma isn't showing you an error message saying something is wrong, reach out to us via chat.

3. Check the available balance with your bank

The balance you see in Emma should be your account's available balance. The available balance is your current balance (in the US also called the 'Posted Balance') minus any pending transactions.

Most banks will show you two balances for your account on their website/app - the available balance and the current balance. Often, the available balance will be displayed smaller or hidden while the current balance will be the large balance you see immediately 🏦

If your accounts are syncing but they're not showing the correct balance, check your account's available balance on your bank's website/app.

My balance is still wrong!

If the available balance on your bank's website/app doesn't match and you've tried the steps above, reach out to us!

Our friendly team via chat would be happy to give you a hand to solve this. Access chat by going to the 'More' tab -> 'Support' -> 'Chat to a Human' (that's us 😁)
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