If your account is refreshing after you've followed these steps, diagnose the issue below 🔨

First, check on your 'Feed' tab for an error message. If you see an error message, something has gone wrong.

If the error message doesn't prompt you to take any action, reach out to our team via chat (More tab > Support > Chat to a human) and let us know.

If you're in the UK and you're not getting an error message, try the following steps

Go to the More tab
Select the Settings icon
Select Bank Logins
Under the bank that isn't syncing, select 'Get me back to 90 days'. You'll be redirected to your bank to renew the 90 day access. When you're redirected to your bank, make sure you select all the accounts you want to sync, not just the ones that aren't syncing

If you're in the US or Canada and are not getting an error message, reach out to us via chat and we will help you out. 😊🐻
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