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Behold, Smart Rules! 💥

Smart Rules allow you to link your Offline Accounts with regular transactions.

Once linked, Emma can automatically add transactions and change the balance of your Offline Account.

How does it work?

When you make a transaction to an account not linked in Emma, the transfer will be detected automatically and will show on your Offline Account.


You have a savings account you're tracking in Emma using the Offline Account feature.

Every month, you transfer £20 from your current/checking account to your savings account.

Rather than having to manually update your offline savings account, Emma automatically creates a £20 transaction and updates the balance so your offline savings account now has an updated balance of £20.

How to create a Smart Rule

Follow these steps

Go to the More tab
Select Emma Pro
Select Smart Rules
Enter the required information

You can find the Reference by finding the most recent transaction you want to detect and scroll down to the small writing at the very bottom - this is the name of the transaction your bank sends to us.

Having issue with Smart Rules? Let us know via chat!
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