This FAQ only applies to Virgin Money current account holders that have had their current accounts from Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank or B Bank rebranded to Virgin Money
The CYBG Banking Group (Yorkshire Bank, Clydesdale Bank, B Bank) and Virgin Money are currently in the process of merging to form one bank under Virgin Money. In order to merge these banks, all account data needs to be moved from your bank's system to Virgin Money's system.

If your customer ID is 10 digits long, your current account is still in the process of being moved to the Virgin Money database.

So why can't I add it?

The Virgin Money Open Banking API (the system we use to connect to your bank) currently only supports current accounts that are stored on the Virgin Money database.

Accounts that are still stored on CYBG databases can't be added to Emma via the Virgin Money Open Banking API just yet.

What is Emma doing about it?

We're currently working on Open Banking integrations for Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks. If you used to have current accounts with either of these banks, you'll be able to add your accounts via these integrations.

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