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Connect Bittrex

Looking to connect your Bittrex account with Emma? Follow these steps to find out how:

Login to your Bittrex account and Select My Account. Then select API Keys from the menu bar.

Select Add new key... and select READ INFO for permissions. DO NOT assign any other access right to the key. Click Save to complete.

You may be required to input your 2FA code to complete the process. Enter your 2FA code from your device and click Confirm to continue.

Confirm your API key and API secret.

Note: if you leave the screen you may not be able to view your API secret -- please copy your API secret immediately once you reach this point.

Open the Emma app and go to the Feed tab.

Tap on the + add button under your account balances.

Select Personal then Investments in the top right

Scroll down and select Bittrex

Enter your API Key and API Secret then tap Connect.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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