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Fraud Detection

This is an Emma Plus, Emma Pro and Emma Ultimate feature 🐻
Want to know if your personal details have been part of a known data breach? Use the Fraud Detection feature to find out!

To set up your Fraud Detection features, follow these steps:

Setting up Fraud Detection

Go the Feed tab
Scroll down to the Protect your identity section
Select Fraud Detection
Enter your email and phone number
You're done!

Emma will compare the email address and phone number you entered against a database of known data breaches. If either your phone number or email address has been breached, these will be listed underneath your phone number and email address.

Have any further questions? Reach out to us via the chat function in your Emma app. To reach out to us click on click on your Emma App Profile icon, scroll down to Important Stuff and select Support.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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