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Emma Spaces

This is an Emma Ultimate feature 🚀
Emma Spaces feature allows you to group your accounts together to help you organise your financial life in a way that works best for your unique needs ⭐️

Below is what you can do with the Spaces feature alongside use cases that you could use the feature for:


Keep accounts separated

In a first for Emma, you can now create different budgets and see analytics for different accounts connected in Emma. Previously, all your accounts connected in Emma would be shown together 🎉

Budget per Space

Take your budgeting to the next level ☝️

Spaces feature will allow you to create a separate budget and category budgets for each Space you create.

Private and shared Spaces

You can decide if you want to keep a Space private, or if you choose to share it with others. You can share your Spaces with one, or multiple other Emma users.

Once shared, other Space members can also make edits on their end. As they say, sharing is caring! 🤝

Shared Emma Pro & Plus features

Sharing is caring!

If you invite another Emma user to a shared Space they will have access to some of the key Emma Pro features within that Space, even if they are not currently subscribed to Emma Pro, Plus or Ultimate plans 👏

Review Emma Pro features here and Emma Plus feature here.

Use cases

Business Owners 🏢

if you're a business owner, you can now connect your business accounts in Emma alongside your personal accounts.

You may, however, like to track your spending on your personal accounts separate from your business accounts. With Spaces, you can create a Space for both your business accounts and your personal accounts.

Your 'Personal' Space will allow you to set budgets and see analytics only for your personal accounts. When you want to set budgets and see analytics for your business accounts, all you'll need to do is switch to your 'Business' Space.

Joint Accounts 👯‍♂️

Many people have joint accounts to pay for combined expenses.

By using Spaces, you can keep your spending for joint accounts separated from your personal accounts. Previously, all the spending on your joint account was included in your personal spending and analytics.

Spaces also allows you to share your Space with another Emma user. This means if the other Joint Account holder uses Emma, you can both share and edit transactions on your joint account but keep your personal spending separated and private.

Families 👪

If you're in charge of the family purse, Spaces is an essential feature for you.

You can either connect your children's or partners accounts to your Emma account but keep them in Space separated from your own personal accounts or if they have their own Emma accounts, they can share their accounts with you easily.

I'm in!

You will find all the information you'll need to get started below:

Create a Space
Edit a Space
Delete a Space
Remove member from a Space
Share a Space

If you have any feedback in regards to this feature, we would love to hear from you via our Community Forum.

If you are having problems, feel free to contact us via chat and a member of the team will be happy to help you out 👋

Updated on: 08/06/2022

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