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Set-up your budget

Setting a budget tells Emma how much you want to spend over a given time period
Don't include any savings or spending on investments in your total budget

Follow the steps below to set-up your budget

Go to your Feed tab in Emma
Scroll down until you get to the Analytics section
Under the budgeting section, select Set-up
Under Total Budget, enter the total amount you want to spend during your budgeting period

Note: If you're not sure what your total budget should be, read our guide here

Savings and credit card repayments should not be included in your total budget.

Set your budgeting period - this tells Emma the time period you want your budget to run for
Set your category budgets - these help you keep track of spending for specific areas
Select your 'Done' and you're complete! You should now have your budget in Emma up and running

Need further assistance? Let us know via chat! 👋

You can locate chat by going to the Feed tab > Select your profile picture > Select Help > Select Chat with a human.

Updated on: 20/04/2022

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