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Learn Committed Spending

Committed Spending shows your upcoming payments for the current budgeting period

Committed spending is used to calculate how much you have left to spend for the month and it is the payments Emma predicts will happen in your budgeting period. Committed Spending can be found in the Budgeting section of Emma Feed tab.

Your upcoming payments are sourced from Recurring payments section in your Feed tab.

Viewing your committed spending

You can view your Committed Spending by following these steps:

Go to the Feed tab
Scroll down and select your Budget (circle chart)
Select Committed Spending

My upcoming payment is excluded

An excluded upcoming payment is likely a credit card repayment or internal transfer. These should remain as excluded otherwise they'll throw off your analytics.

If you have an upcoming payment that should be excluded but isn't, you'll need to find all previous payments and categorise them as excluded.

You can find all previous payments by following these steps:

Go to the Feed tab
Select See all next to Recent Transactions
Select the search icon in the top right corner

One of my upcoming payments is missing

If one of your upcoming payments is missing from your Committed Spending screen, it may not be marked as a recurring payment or the recurring payment is predicted to be paid outside your budgeting period

If the upcoming payment isn't marked a recurring payment, it won't show up in Committed Spend. Follow these steps to manually add a recurring payment. Currently, you can only include recurring payments in Committed Spending.

Otherwise, if the upcoming payment is predicted to be paid outside of your current budgeting period, you can Follow these steps to Edit the Prediction.

If you still have an upcoming payment missing, reach out to us via chat and we'd be happy to help 🐻

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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