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My cashback purchase wasn't detected

There are number of reasons why your cashback purchase may not be appearing under your cashback wallet in Emma. The good news is many of these reasons are avoidable

We've included some of the reasons below why your cashback purchases may not have been tracked after you've made the purchase:

Cashback conditions

Some retailers only offer cashback for specific customers - the most common are cashback offers for new customers.

If you're not a new customer, you may not be eligible for the cashback reward or you may only be eligible for a smaller rate of cashback.

If there is a different rate for new customers, we'll mention it on the cashback page in Emma.

Changes to your order or returns

If you make changes to your order after you've paid or you return the item, you won't be eligible for cashback.

Browsing data, browsing sessions and connections issues.

Retailers know that you've purchased via the Emma App because of the unique link you're using when you select that retailer in Emma. It's this link that enables them to send the money to us so we can pass it onto you.

Sometimes, if you haven't cleared your browser cookies or you have internet connection issues causing you to reload the page, this can break with the unique link. If the unique link is broken, the cashback provider can't assign the cashback purchase to Emma and so, can't be tracked.

We always advise when making cashback purchases that you first clear your browsing cookies and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Using a VPN

Because VPN's are designed to disguise your browsing data, turn these off when making cashback purchases as they may interfere with the tracking via the unique link.

Purchase not eligible for cashback

Some retailers have cashback exclusions meaning you can't earn cashback for certain purchases. If there are exclusions, we'll mention them on the cashback page.

If you have any further questions, let us know here!

Updated on: 08/06/2022

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