Emma Quiz is a weekly quiz about various topics that goes live every weekend 📚🤓

How enter the quiz draw

Play the quiz - you can enter even if you haven't answer all the questions correctly
Take a screenshot of the end of quiz screen. It may look like this

Post it on your Twitter account and tag & follow @emma_finance
You're in the draw!

I've won the draw, how do I get paid out?

If you've won the draw, our team will tag you in a post on Twitter letting you know.

Private message us on Twitter letting us know you've won and what your PayPal email address is. We'll send the cash prize on PayPal

It can take up to one month for the cash prize to land in your PayPal account

How do I turn off Emma Quiz?

Go to the More tab
Select the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner
Scroll down and deselect the Emma Quiz option
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