Don't see your savings or ISA accounts as an option to add to Emma?

In the UK, some banks don't allow you to add your savings account in Emma via their Open Banking API. This API is the system we use to connect to all banks in the UK.

Below are a list of UK banks that don't support any savings accounts in their Open Banking API


Below is a list of the type of savings accounts your bank won't support through Open Banking

Regular Saver accounts
Monthly Saver accounts
Virgin Money Double-Take accounts

Why don't these banks allow me to add my savings or ISA account in Emma?

Banks only need to provide access to payment accounts via the Open Banking system.

If your savings account only allows you to transfer money rather than make a payment, your bank may not allow you to add it through Open Banking. If they don't allow it, you won't see it as an option to add.

Your bank decides what accounts you can add through Open Banking
How can I track these accounts in Emma?

Use the Offline Account feature in Emma Pro to manually track any savings account your bank doesn't support through Open Banking. Access the manual account feature by going to the More tab > Select Emma Pro > Select Offline accounts

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