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Split a transaction

This feature is available on Emma Pro and Emma Ultimate 🐻

What is transaction splitting?

You may want to split a transaction if part of the transaction needs to be differentiated from the rest.

For example, you purchase from a store that sells both groceries and home goods. You may want to split the transaction into two, assign one to groceries and one to housing.

If you would like to split a transaction you can follow the steps below:

Splitting a transaction

Select the transaction you'd like to split (you can locate it using the search icon in the top right corner of Emma Feed tab, or via See All button in Recent Transactions section of Emma Feed tab)
Scroll down to the bottom of the transaction screen and select Split this payment
Select a category for each split
Amend the split amounts to suit you
Pro tip: You can split a transaction more than once via Add another split button!
Click Save in the top right corner of the screen

Updated on: 12/07/2022

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