Looking to amend a pending transaction?

When you make a purchase, there are multiple steps that go on behind the scenes between your bank and the merchant/retailer.

Pending transactions are temporary and are created to display purchases you've made. They're pending, however, because your bank hasn't yet paid the merchant on your behalf.

Once your bank has paid the merchant, the pending transaction will be deleted and a new, non-pending transaction created in its place. The date, name or amount of a transaction can change when it moves from pending to non-pending.

Because of the possibility of changes, it's a challenge to accurately to match deleted pending transactions with new, non-pending transactions and make sure any changes you've made to the pending transaction is carried over.

We want to get it right so you won't be able to amend pending transactions just yet.

Don't despair! We know it's a big challenge but Emma is always getting better so keep an eye out as things might change in the future 😉

Note: Only some banks will show pending transactions in Emma. If you can't see any pending transactions, your bank doesn't provide us with this information 😥

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