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Emma investment account balances

When you start investing with Emma, you will see three types of funds in your Emma Investment account: Withdrawable Cash, Unsettled Cash, and Reserved Cash.

Withdrawable Cash

Withdrawable Cash balance is the total sum of money in your account which is available to be withdrawn from your Emma investment account to your bank account immediately, or invested.

Unsettled Cash

Unsettled cash balance represents funds you have received from selling your investments, before they settled in your account. Once your unsettled cash settles, it will be moved to your withdrawable balance, at which point it can be withdrawn from your Emma investment account to your bank account.

While unsettled cash cannot yet be withdrawn, however, you can reinvest it before it settles if you wish.

Reserved Cash

Reserved cash represents funds reserved for your queued buy orders - in other words money put aside to execute your orders.

If you want to, you can cancel these queued orders before they are executed, and the equivalent reserved cash funds will be moved back to your withdrawable cash.


The total figure represents all funds in your Emma investment account, including Withdrawable Cash, Unsettled Cash and Reserved Cash.

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Updated on: 16/06/2022

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