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How do I withdraw funds from my Emma Investment account and how long does it take?

Withdrawing funds from your Emma Investment account

To withdraw funds from your Emma Investment account, follow these steps:

Open Emma
Select the Invest tab
Tap on your Available to invest balance in the Portfolio screen
Tap Withdraw in your Account screen 💸

You will only be able to withdraw funds from your Withdrawable Cash Balance.

Your Unsettled Cash represents funds which are due to but have not yet settled in your account. You will need to wait for them to be settled and moved to your Withdrawable Balance before they can be withdrawn.

Your Reserved Cash balance represents funds which are set aside to execute your queued orders. You will need to cancel your queued orders if you want to be able to withdraw these funds.

How long does it take for my withdrawal to reach bank accounts?

Emma Investment account withdrawals are processed via Faster Payments and should arrive in your bank account within minutes.

If you get stuck or something goes wrong, reach out to us here 🚑

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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