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How do I set up Rent Reporting?

This is an Emma Plus, Emma Pro and Emma Ultimate feature 🐻

Please check this article first by clicking here to ensure you are eligible to start Rent Reporting

To get your Rent Reporting set-up please follow these steps:

Go to the Borrow tab and scroll down to Improve your credit history
Tap on the Start reporting button then Continue
Read the eligibility criteria to ensure you can use the rent reporting feature.
Tap Continue
Ensure the current address is correct and enter when you moved to that address

If your address needs to be updated, please send us an email at including your current address, your new address and the date you moved in.

Tap Continue
Enter your Rental payment amount and payment frequency then tap Continue
Select the bank account used to pay your rent then tap Continue
Select your most recent rent payment then tap Continue

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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