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What can be included in Rent Reporting?

This is an Emma Plus, Emma Pro and Emma Ultimate feature 🐻

All rent payments must be the same amount to be tracked and reported.

Please note you need at least 6 months of data to set up the rent reporting feature.

Only direct payments to your landlord or property management agency can be included in rent reporting.

You cannot add payments you send to a housemate to split rent or mortgage repayments as only direct payments for rent count.

Past payments will not be reported to the credit referencing agencies, it will only include future payments starting from the day you set up the Rent Reporting feature.

Why are my rent payments showing as Ineligible?

You will need 6 months of rent payments before we can start reporting to the credit referencing agencies. If you have less than 6 detected rent payments, your rent payment will show as ineligible.

We will also not report any past rent payments to credit referencing agencies and these will show as ineligible. Only rent payments made after you set up the rent reporting feature will be reported to the credit reference agencies.

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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