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Why has my application for Emma Save or Invest failed?

Please check your emails including junk or spam folders for an email from

If your application has failed, this means there is an issue with the ID or proof of address document you’ve provided.

Please first check your email inbox for an email from our KYC team with the subject starting “Action Required”. The team will contact you to explain why the document was rejected and what is required to resolve this.

The most common reasons a document could be rejected include:

You are under 18 years old
The address on your document doesn't match your Emma account details
The ID or address document provided is not a document type we can accept
The ID document is a scan, screenshot or photo on a screen of another device
The photo of the document is too dark or blurry and we cannot see your details
The name on your ID or address document doesn’t match your Emma account details
The full document is not visible - we must be able to see all four corners of the document
The ID document is expired or the address document is not dated within the last 3 months
You didn't include a photo of both the front and the back of your ID document (applies to driving licences and UK Biometric Residence Permits)

Please click here for more information regarding the KYC process and accepted documents.

You can review your account details in Emma by going to the Feed tab, tap your profile in the top left and select Personal Details

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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