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Do the Emma Pots generate interest?

If you open an Easy Access Pot, you will earn interest on your money and this will vary depending on your Emma Subscription Plan.

Free Plan - 2.84% AER

Emma Plus - 3.24% AER

Emma Pro - 4.07% AER

Emma Ultimate - 4.34% AER

You will begin earning interest no later than the first business day following the day when your money arrives with the bank. This means that if you send money to an Easy Access Pot on Monday, but the bank doesn’t receive the money until Wednesday, you’ll start accruing interest no later than Thursday. It also means that if you send the money on a day the bank is closed, it may not receive your money until the next day on which it is open.

An Instant Access Pot will not generate any interest, but you will get instant access to your savings!

Please note, Emma Pots feature is available to UK based customers.
Rates are subject to change, please see the app for the latest AER interest rates
For our Emma Pots terms, please see here:

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Updated on: 25/08/2023

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