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How long do Pot withdrawals take?

How long do Save Pot Withdrawals take?

If you want to withdraw funds from a Pot to your bank account, you must first withdraw funds from the Pot to your Available Balance.

You will only be able to withdraw funds from your Withdrawable Cash Balance, which is shown after clicking the Withdraw button on the Save section dashboard.

Depending on what type of Pot you’ve withdrawn the funds from, will depend on how quickly they can be sent to your bank account.

Easy Access Pot

If you withdraw funds from your Easy Access Pot to Available Balance on a weekday before 10.30am, it will be possible to withdraw them to your bank on the same day.

If you withdraw from the Pot to Available Balance after 10.30am or on a weekend, you cannot withdraw to your bank until the next working day.

The funds will show in Available Balance and once the withdrawal is processed meaning it is ready to withdraw to your bank account, you will see the funds in Withdrawable cash after you click the Withdraw button on the Save section dashboard.

The withdrawals are processed around 6pm each working day so if you have withdrawn before 10.30am, please wait until this time or if you have withdrawn after 10.30, please wait until this time on the following working day.

Instant Access Pot

When withdrawing funds from your Instant Access Pot to your Available Balance, you can then withdraw straight to your bank account on a weekday. Your withdrawal should reach your bank within 15 minutes.

Any withdrawal requested over the weekend or on a bank holiday will be sent on the next working day

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Updated on: 01/09/2023

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