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Add a bank account

Adding a bank account

To add an account to Emma, follow these steps:

Go to the Feed tab i.e Emma's home page
Tap Add account at the bottom of your account balances
Select what type of account you'd like to add (Personal / Business / Offline Account)
Locate your account provider and follow the onscreen instructions to connect 🚀

💡 If you are connecting a bank account in the UK, find the list of banks we support here
💡If you don't see your Savings account after connecting to your bank, please read this article about Savings & ISAs
💡 If you are adding a credit card account, make sure to check out our article on Handling credit card repayments

If you are having problems connecting a bank account, feel free to contact us via our live chat and a member of the team will be happy to help you out! 🐻
Reach out to us here ✍️

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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