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How do joint bank accounts work in Emma?

When you connect a joint account to Emma all transactions from both of the cardholders will be included in your budgeting and analytics.

Unfortunately, the joint account providers do not include any data for us to establish what transaction was made by each of the cardholders so we cannot filter the spending on the joint account.

If you want to have your joint account connected in Emma, but don't want to have all the transactions impacting your budget and analytics, we suggest you use the Spaces feature!

Spaces allow you to separate the whole joint account and all transactions from the account to prevent them from impacting your main Space.

Spaces also allow you to share your Space with another Emma user. This means if the other Joint Account holder uses Emma, you can both share and edit transactions on your joint account but keep your personal spending separated and private.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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