If you are trying to connect Barclays or HSBC, check their related articles first.

How can I connect my Barclays account to Emma?

How do I connect my HSBC account?

What about other banks?

If you are having issues with a different bank, the best way to check if everything is working correctly is to try to login via online banking (on your bank's website, not the mobile app). After you have logged in online, try again to login via Emma.

Do not make multiple attempts in a row, otherwise your bank might block the account temporarily (if you are using wrong credentials). If you see that after two attempts, nothing works, check online banking first.

I can login online, but still can't use Emma

If you have got to this point, just send us a message. There is a live support chat in the list of available providers to connect. We are happy to help you in the process.
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